What is life like on a cruise ship?

Life at sea - culture


Whatever part of the world you are docked in, you’ll have the opportunity to explore. If it ís sight seeing, or even sky diving you’re in to, the chances are the itineraries will make it easy for you to swiftly tick off those items in your bucket list.

When you’re not performing, you’ll be able to explore the ship and take in all the other entertainment provided. Crew are provided with various recreational areas when not on duty, including bars, gyms and game rooms.


Whatís the point of making memories with no one else to share them with?

One of the reasons you’ve probably thought of working on a cruise ship will have been the chance to make new friends. With around a thousand crew on board you’ll spend your contract with, there will be many people you’ll meet from all around the world, some of which you’ll remain friends with for life. Whether you’re with your friends exploring exciting ports, or having fun at a crew party, you’ll have plenty of photo opportunities to capture those amazing moments!

Life at sea - lifestyle

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