Play music and see the world… Yes! It’s not out of reach! There are plenty of musicians out there doing exactly that, and you can be one of them.

Our goal is to source, nurture and support high quality bands, duos, soloists and individuals, and provide them to the top cruise lines in world.

To be considered for these fantastic opportunities, we require the following:

  • Over 20 years old
  • Professional attitude with good teamwork skills
  • Ability to perform up to 4 x 45 minute sets per day
  • Be charismatic on stage and interact well with the audience
  • Be available to work away for up to 6 months

accent entertainment cruise ship contracts



Bands should be made up of 4/5 people and have a large repertoire of songs ranging from 50s to Top 40. Themed nights are an important part of the cruise industry and these are most commonly 50s and 60s, Motown, 70s Disco and 80s nights.

It is also necessary to have at least one other person, excluding the lead vocalist, who can sing.


Duos are required to play at the more intimate venues, such as café’s or bars. You will also have the opportunity to play at other events such as wine and cocktail evenings. Most of your repertoire will be easy listening songs, however as the night goes on, you might want to play some more upbeat music


Soloists will mostly play easy listening songs to a similar audience as the duos. These are the smaller bars around the ship, as well as wine and cocktail events.



Individual musicians

Not in an act? You can still apply as an individual musician, and if another act need a fill in, we will give them the option to pick from our list of suitable musicians. We will also try to match you with other musicians who have applied as an individual, if we think the musicians could work together.





accent entertainment lifestyle

“From years of personal experience as a musician on a cruise ship, I can honestly say that this is a fantastic opportunity to not only perform and establish yourself as a musician, but also to see the world, meet new people, and create lifelong friendships. So why wait!”

 Phillip – Accent Entertainment Co Founder


Contracts are normally 5-6 months, however it’s very common for shorter contracts to pop up, such as fill ins.

Travel and hotels are all paid for. If you need to fly out to the ship, you’ll be flown to that country, then you’ll stay in a hotel the day before your contract starts.

P.A, amps and drum kit will be provided in the venues you’ll be performing in. Guitarists will have to bring their own guitars and pedals. Drummers should bring their own cymbals and breakables.

You must acquire an American C1/D visa, a medical, a criminal background check, and an in date passport. We will guide you through this process, along with the the other relevant paperwork from the cruise line.

Days off are generally every two weeks at the discretion of the cruise director on board.

How to Apply

Please fill in the application form with the details required, and provide us with a link to promotional materiel you have. If we feel that you would be a good fit, we will be in contact with you to get you travelling around the world. We look forward to hearing from you!