accent entertainment launches

Accent Entertainment Launches

Accent Entertainment, a new music agency co founded by Liam Wiltshire and Phillip Groves has launched (10/07/2016).

The idea was formed after Phillip, an experienced musician, finished his final contract on a cruise ship and realized there was an opportunity to help other musicians on their journey towards travelling the world with their band. Accent Entertainment’s mission statement is ‘to be the best music agents, seeking out, nurturing and providing jobs for musicians‘, but what does this actually mean?

The Journey

Accent Entertainment wants to target musicians and acts that have traits that reflect modern pop artists. This includes their looks, their energy, and how they sound. These are the kind of musicians that cruise companies and the wider function band market look for when organizing their events.

Many acts form in music colleges or early in adult life, starting a band and playing gigs being one of life’s great adventures. However, for many acts this can sometimes end up with them chasing gigs, not knowing what their month to month income may be, and becoming stressed at the amount of travelling and setting up. The other adventure, for many, is travelling the world. Many musicians will know of the idea of working on cruise ships, and that’s the journey we want to help out with.

Having ‘been there, done that’ for over three years our co-founder Phil knows the many benefits, and few downsides that this kind of lifestyle can offer a band, duo or soloist.

We’ll start with the downsides:

  • If you accept the longer contracts, you can be away for up to 6 months, which for some may sound like the idea of heaven, but for others the reality of being away from friends and family for such a length of a time can be a real worry.
  • That’s it.

Now the upsides:

  • A guaranteed, fixed income.
  • Expenses paid (accommodation, food, living).
  • You will travel the world, everywhere from Europe to Asia, South America to the Caribbean dependent on the contract you are on.
  • Minimal equipment set up, many of the items you will need are already set up around the ship. See our FAQs to find out more.
  • You’ll make amazing friends for life!

Interested yet? Why not start an application.

Accent Entertainment – the Music Agency

So what do accent entertainment offer in all of this?

We were set up with the aim to pride ourselves on the quality of our acts. A simple statement, with wide reaching objectives to achieve it. We want to start by offering a supportive, one-to-one relationship with every act that applies with us. Building this relationship will allow our acts to feel comfortable undertaking their first contract. Questions will undoubtedly arise which we will be happy to answer. If we have happy, high quality acts performing great sets on ships around the world, the cruise companies are happy… everyone is happy. Party.

Cruise contracts can crop up around the world, we’ll let suitable acts know which contract could be for them, and it’s then at their discretion whether they take it or not. Things like travel expenses to the starting location of the contract are covered, making the whole experience simple and stress free.

Accent Entertainment are in the process of building up a base of exciting acts, however from time to time, in various circumstances these acts may need a replacement musician to join them. In this scenario we will match our individual musicians skills and bio in order to fulfil the act’s replacement musician requirements.

Ready to Apply?

We get excited by the right acts. If you think you’re one of them after reading this why not apply now!

We’ve split our application into act application and individual musician application, so if you’re an already formed act waiting for the next adventure we can put you on our ‘books’ (hard drive) now.

If you’re an individual musician looking to become a part of a band we’re just as interested! Please use the individual application for this. However these opportunities do not crop up often so please be patient.

Thanks for reading!